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Kamelhar Pulmonology offers a multidisciplinary approach to pulmonary care that is centered around the patient. Located in Manhattan, Midtown East, Dr. David Kamelhar of Kamelhar Pulmonology specialize in many types of lung conditions and provide personalized treatment plans that are aimed at meeting patient expectations and medical standards of care.

Kamelhar Pulmonology offers specialized care to adolescents and adults who have a condition that affects the lungs and all aspects of the respiratory system. The doctors also work with other specialists when needed to ensure the best care and treatment for a variety of pulmonary conditions.

Kamelhar Pulmonology gets to the root of the problem, which may often stem from other areas of the body or be part of a broader systemic illness.

Kamelhar Pulmonology offers a comprehensive approach to the care and treatment of all patients. The doctors take the time to diagnose and educate their patients to ensure an understanding of the problem and the treatment plan in order to guarantee that patients get the best care possible.

Whether the problem is related to asthma, shortness of breath, pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), or a cough that just won’t ease up, Drs. Kamelhar and Teller have the knowledge and experience to provide an integrated medical approach to each and every patient.

What makes Kamelhar Pulmonology a preferred practice is the fact that the doctors work to get the answers to respiratory conditions, no matter what it takes. If that means a second opinion or a referral to another medical specialty, they go that extra mile.

Telephone conversations with cardiologists, gastroenterologists, allergists, and ENT and swallow specialists occur all throughout the day as complex problems are analyzed, and multidisciplinary diagnostic and treatment strategies are organized patient by patient.

Kamelhar Pulmonology wants the best possible outcome for every patient. The practice offers some of the most innovative diagnostic and therapeutic services in the area, which allows the physicians to give patients the best care possible in the Pulmonary Medical specialty.

Kamelhar Pulmonology is also at the top of its field due to the integration of its pulmonary function laboratories and their pulmonary technologists. These laboratories adhere to the American Thoracic Society guidelines for Pulmonary testing.

For expert care in respiratory and lung conditions, call the New York City office of Kamelhar Pulmonology.



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